The luxury Master Massage Thermal Top portable 76cm Montclair Salon Massage Couch!

Need a little luxury feeling in your salon room?  


Want a massage table with thick foam and back tilt function?


Something gives your clients the best customer experience while makes your treatment easier?


How about a pre-built heating function has adjustable temperature and timer?


Master Massage 76cm Montclair Salon thermal-top ultimate  portable massage table will tick all the boxes for you!


As a portable salon table, with the added back-tilt function, the table itself would be still weight for only 20KG, even with a lighter design, the table even has a working capacity of 340kg, which has greatly over the international standard. More than that, Master Massage has been promised a limited Life-time warranty for this frame of this table, as long as you have the table and the frame crashed, let us know, we will get the table replaced for you!



This luxury table has the 7.6cm thick foam with the combination of the Master patent small cell high density foam and the extra premium feel memory foam, which does not only offers the best comfort and customer experience for your clients, it also extend the life of the foam inside the table.


In order to coup with the luxury feeling and enhance the durability of this table, an oil and waterproof, CFC-free PU upholstery with denim-like reinforcement backing has been added for this table in order to prolong the life of this table and make sure even with the busiest therapist, this table will still be able to last long as they take minimum care.


We in Master Massage always quoted this table as the best and most suitable table for most of the therapist, since with in the package, the table comes with the pre-built heating function, which is a complete plug in and play heating function which provides adjustable warmth over the entire surface of your table. This table also comes with a nylon leg buffers, which absolute eliminates the wobble and squeak sound during the treatment. Shiatsu Cable release which makes this a perfect table to lay flat on the floor.


The smart auto-lock system which allows you the set up strong in seconds! Numbered leg adjustment holes design for a quick and accurate hight adjustment, plus the Quk-set leg knobs saves your 70% effort on adjust the hight of the table,


A luxury table which can get all the job done no matter you are a client have regular therapist coming over gives you a massage or you are a mobile therapist who drags the portable table all around the town every day or you need a study and durable table in your salon room, The Master Massage 76cm Montclair Salon will always be a wise choice!


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