Master: The Evolution of Brand Logos

As the representative of a brand, LOGO is the imagery graphic that we usually come into contact with the most. In order to adapt to the market, a brand will continue to develop its own products and services, and the brand LOGO will naturally evolve accordingly.

 The Master brand was established in 1996 and originated in Chicago, USA. Today, let's take a look at the four evolutions of the LOGO of the Master brand with a 26-year history!


The First generation of Master Logo 1996-2004

At that time, our founder Michael Friedman travelled to China many times. In 1996, he participated in the design, development and production of the first Master folding massage bed together with the Chinese factory. Wal-Mart, Carrefour and other large retailers sell products, massage beds have begun to enter the US household consumption market, more and more massage technicians and family users who enjoy massage benefit from the convenience and comfort brought by the Master massage bed.


(The very first Master Logo Massage Table)

 Therefore, the LOGO is represented by the simple and direct "master MASSAGE TABLES". The lines on both sides also represent the start and development of the Master. This LOGO has been used for nearly 10 years. 


(The Second generation of Master logo, 2006-2009)

 With the continuous development of Master, the standard massage bed with world-class quality requirements is favoured by users in Europe, North America and other countries. Later, major retailers in the world began to sell Master brand massage beds, and Master soon became the world's largest massage bed. The largest manufacturer of massage beds and began to go international.





 (Master table with the Second generation Master Logo)


MHP, the abbreviation of Master Home Product, Master American brand. International, that is, internationalization. The logo changed a lot during this period. 


(The Third generation of Master Logo, 2010-2014)


By around 2010, health has become the pursuit of more and more people, and people pay more attention to physical exercise and management, so we have optimized the brand LOGO, combining pictures and texts, making it more vivid.


The pictures show the graceful curves of women, which is a metaphor for people's pursuit of healthy beauty. Changed the English word, Massage Equipment (massage equipment). Chicago, in English, represents the birthplace of the brand.



(The Fourth generation of Master Logo, 2015-now)

 Nowadays, people's life is returning to its original nature, the era of harvesting happiness from material things has passed, and minimalism is becoming the mainstream of various product designs. There are too many things on the shoulders of the younger generation. In this social environment, a light and simple life has become their most desired state.




Master's brand LOGO also abandons complex elements and retains the most basic graphic display, which has been used to this day.

 The brand is constantly innovating and developing. Therefore, the LOGO is always innovating and bringing forth the new. However, no matter how the world changes, the original intention of the Master massage bed to serve every user will not change, and the pursuit of perfection and beauty has always been the cornerstone of Master's development.