Master Massage 70cm DEL RAY SALON Portable Massage Table Package with Therma-Top - A must have luxury table for all the therapist!

For all the massage therapists, no matter you are doing mobile massage around the town or having a exclusive salon room, the Master Massage 70cm Salon will be your best all rounder, the table comes with the most popular 70cm wide plus a ultra 7.6cm exclusive small cell and high density foam in order to get your customer the best massage experience.


The Del Ray salon package also comes with a pair of arm stand for the client, which is super easy to install and heavy duty rated.

Alongside the arm stand, in side the package, there is a set of face pillow with memory foam and matching neck bolster, the face pillow is the patent design by the Master team in order to maximize the massage experience and provide the best comfort!






The Ergonomic Dream face cradle is also offered within this package, this face cradle is designed based on the contour of the curve from people's face in order to provide the maximum comfort, ergonomic dream face cradle allows you to adjust both height and angle with a single push inside, a deluxe and highly adjustable massage tool is the perfect match for such a luxury table!


For the massage therapist who is doing mobile massage  the Del Ray Salon 70cm package also provide a nice 4-pocket carry case which is designed to fit all the accessories in one bag.

Del Ray 70cm salon portable massage is also equipped with Master Patent build-in Thermal top functions, which saves your time and money to find another matching warming pad on the market!

The built-in heating unit has a controller under the table, and every time when you need to heating functions, a simply plug in and click can get you all the heats you need for your massage, the controller can also adjust the temperature and set up a timer. An exclusive and tested fuse is also pre-build inside of the table, which will absolutely eliminate any risks from burning or firing. 


Unlike other tables on the market, Master does not only design the table for the client, we also consider every little bits for the massage therapist, the Del Ray Salon come with:


Northern Hardwood Legs with rich, hi-gloss Dura-Seal strong> protected finish.

Auto-Lock Leg System easily sets up strong in seconds!

NUMBERED Leg Adjustment Holes for QUICK & EASY, accurate height adjustment.

DUO-PLANE Hinges for maximum strength at the center of your table!

Non-Skid, Non-Mark Foot Pads makes your table SAFE for ANY Floor surface!

Nylon Leg Buffers keeps the wood legs squeak and wobble free!

Stabilizer Bar adds strength & helps with opening and closing your table!

Clevis Block Leg Attachments guarantees unbreakable leg support!

QUIK-SET Leg Knobs 70% LESS effort to adjust your table height!

Double luggage-style table closure clasps.

We even give Del Ray an Oil and Water proof, CFC-free, PU Upholstery with denim-like reinforcement in order to achieve a long durability.


This best all rounder is now ON SALE only on Master website! Grab the chance and get you the table that will last!