Deauville Massage Table , the ultimate solution for your massage table!

People are constantly changing their tables and always wondering how to get a ultimate Massage Table that have all the functions when facing different requirements from the clients. Also, as a massage, therapy table, the sustainability is always the very first factor when people are looking for this kind of investment.

And today, Master Massage Equipment’s 71cm Deauville 3 section portable massage table have got them all! With a discounted price of  £399.99, and an additional 10% off for all the massage business owners. The table comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the sturcture of the table, a 5-year manufacture warranty for the PU Vinyle and a standard warranty for all the accressries within the table package (Carry case, face cradle, and face cushion). Plus, you will have the high-standard customer service, a free next-day delivery on your purchase and what's more, a luxury, yet durable massage table last you for years


A Personalized Massage Experience

The Master Massage Deauville foldable beauty table is a dream come true for professional massage therapists! This 71*213cm wide table offers unbeatable comfort and durability, so that you can provide quality services wherever you go. The Deauville wooden spa bed is incredibly sturdy, with a German HettichTM titling backrest mechanism that is both noise-free and reliable. The "Big Top" design and 2.5" cushion of Master Massage exclusive Multi-Layer Small Cell foam offers unbeatable comfort, while the square corners help relax the shoulder area and provide extra space. Plus, the salon style optional elevating backrest allows you to provide a wider range of treatments to your clients. Whether you're a new or experienced massage therapist, this folding spa table is a must-have!


Luxury Accessory Set Included

The Deauville 3-Section Portable Massage Table Package comes with everything you need for comfort and convenience! Treat clients to a luxurious experience that they won't forget, with must-haves like a 6-way adjustable face cradle & patented Ergonomic Dream memory foam face pillow for ultimate relaxation. A deluxe Carry Case with 2 accessory pockets is included so you can take your practice anywhere you want. Plus, our 6.3cm Multi-layer Small Cell foam system provides unbeatable support and luxury – with a firmer bottom layer so no table structure will ever be felt, plus two additional layers of cushioning that conforms to body contours, and Soft Touch upholstery for an extra touch of comfort.

Safety, Quietness and Elegance All in One

Supported by robust Northern hardwood legs finished in an attractive walnut stain adorned with a Dura Seal coating, this portable lash table offers exceptional durability. The Noise-Silencing Nylon Leg Buffers ensure squeak and wobble-free legs, providing a peaceful setting for your massage sessions. Our revolutionary Duo-Plane hinge guarantees a tranquil experience like no other. With unparalleled strength and stability, this portable facial table can hold up to an incredible 680kg, giving you peace of mind during every treatment. Additionally, the table boasts an incredibly sturdy German HettichTM titling backrest mechanism, known for its noise-free and reliable operation.

The Perfect Companion for Business or Personal Use

The Deauville Portable Massage Table is a versatile and practical solution designed for a wide range of businesses, including massage centers, spas, chiropractic and therapy clinics, athletic training centers, fitness centers and gyms, health centers and resorts, beauty, and lash salons, and even homes and personal studios. This portable beauty bed is perfect for those who need to take their work to different locations or for those who prefer to have a massage table at home for personal use. With its versatile design, it is easy to set up and take down, making it convenient for businesses that need to maximize space or bring their services to clients' homes. Whether you are a professional massage therapist or someone who enjoys receiving massage therapy, the Deauville Foldable Massage Table is the perfect companion for all of your massage needs.


More unique design and advantage when you compare with other tables on the market:

At Master Massage, we know how important it is to deliver an incredible massage experience that's both high-performing and durable. That's why we've designed our massage tables with certified PU leather, providing top-level hygiene to protect against oil, water, and bacteria. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty for ultimate reassurance

With our PU leather, you can rest assured knowing it has been certified by the leading agency as an exceptional material for hygiene. Not only that, but its protection is also proven highly effective against various harmful microorganisms, offering you peace of mind. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and enhanced cleanliness with our premium PU leather.

The Deauville folding massage bed offers a timeless 3-section salon tabletop that comes with an adjustable tilting backrest. Its German HettichTM mechanism ensures a quiet and dependable operation, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the backrest angle from 0 to 60 degrees. With this versatile design, it caters to different postures and usage requirements in a variety of scenarios, making it ideal for all your needs.

Get the same cushioned comfort and seating space as a 76cm table with this 71cm Big Top masterpiece! With our firm foam padding, square edges, and no uncomfortable slopes or rough leather covering lesser foams you won't have to sacrifice quality for size.


Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with the Universal Face Cushion from Master Massage! Designed with incredibly soft and supple foam, this curved cushion ensures optimal support for your face. Say goodbye to any discomfort or pressure on your eyes and immerse yourself in pure bliss. Treat yourself to the revolutionary comfort provided by Master Massage and enjoy total pampering!

Master Massage folding beauty tables are your go-to solution for massage treatments, offering unrivaled strength and stability! Our patented Duo-Plane hinge is an impressive 50% stronger than regular hinges - powerful enough to confidently support an incredible 680kg.

Experience ultimate convenience with our Deauville foldable tattoo bed! Adjusting the perfect height is a breeze thanks to its numbered leg holes. Simply fine-tune all four legs with ease and accuracy. No more guesswork - this innovative feature has you covered!

Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency during your massage sessions with Master Massage's Quick-set leg knobs! Our soft silicone grip ensures safety and stability, while saving you valuable time. Upgrade your experience with our custom bolt thread knobs that require 70% less effort to quickly adjust your table height.


Introducing our eco-friendly portable model! Crafted from sustainable wood and fully compliant with CARB regulations, this product safeguards you from harmful formaldehyde and carcinogens. Rest assured, it's completely safe for your body.

Experience the ultimate in professional massages with our Portable Massage Tables featuring innovative Nylon Leg Buffers. Enjoy unparalleled comfort, stability, and a serene atmosphere for your clients, thanks to the reliable nylon construction that eliminates any squeaks or wobbles from the wooden legs.

Experience easy and stylish travel with the amazing Master Massage Carry Case! This convenient case is crafted using only the highest-quality materials for a packing experience that exudes elegance. With reinforced handles and adjustable straps, you can effortlessly transport all your equipment in perfect balance. Whether it's a relaxing retreat or a special occasion, this case offers ultimate portability without compromising on quality.

Introducing the German HettichTM titling backrest mechanism! It's noise-free, reliable, and offers multiple adjustable angles. Easily adjust the hatchback angle from 0 to 60 degrees, perfect for all your postures and usage needs. Experience ultimate comfort in any scenario with this incredible innovation.


Master Massage's Deauville portable salon table is versatile enough to meet any professional’s needs. The sturdy lift back action allows many position changes for clients, making it perfect for massage, facial, manicure, waxing, reflexology, acupuncture, or body art tattooing. The Deauville provides ultimate comfort with its "Big Top" bed, giving clients 26% more cushioned surface, and the square corners proven to relax shoulder areas more than other constructions. All materials in the table are formaldehyde and carcinogen free, and the PU upholstery in Cream color is oil- and water-resistant, CFC-free and reinforced with a denim like backing for extra durability. This foldable tattoo table easily supports a working weight of 750lbs., thanks to the portable beauty table's Duo-Plane hinges, stabilizer bar and Clevis Block leg attachments. Master Massage includes in this package adjustable face cradle, memory foam face pillow designed to release pressure points, two-pocket carrying case. You’ll have everything you need for an unforgettable massage experience!